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    It seems the big reason to buy the XBox One is using kinect to operate your TV. I'm confident that they'll be able to hook into a Sky box or a TiVo, via something like an IR blaster - essentially the XBox translates your vocal or gesture commands into an infra-red signal fed into the TV box to emulate its remote. Freeview receivers are a different kettle of fish - there are just so many of them that it'll be very difficult for MS to be able to control whichever model people have. And so many TVs have built in receivers - how do you persuade all those people to buy a compatible set top box instead?

    The second issue I see with this is that people want their screen to do one thing at a time. The kind of people who would engage in social media or surf the web or take a webcam call while watching a film or TV show will already have something for that - a tablet or laptop. How would you persuade them that this is better? The film or TV content shrinks to accommodate the extra screen data, and reading a lot of text off a TV screen is horrendous. All this stuff has to appear via smartglass, it's no use on the main screen.

    The instant switching between game/TV/film/music looks impressive but it's because the operating system is running them all as suspended processes in memory, eating away at that 8Gb. Christ, I can live with a few seconds delay finishing a game and going to a film, if it means I get a better game.

    What do I like? Erm...the controller, now that the D Pad is fixed...and the shape means that it'll stack with other devices under the TV. But judging from the back panel it still has a PSU brick :( . In other words, not much.
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