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    I've been on EG for over 7 years and I rarely post. But after reading and sometimes smiling at all of this MS bashing, I've concluded that I'm getting too old for this bs.

    IMO, MS did so many things right today with their reveal.

    1. Xbox One didn't need talk about specs because most gamers could care less and wouldn't understand anyway.

    2. The biggest market for Xbox 360 is USA (which they wrestled away from Sony's previous domination of USA) so why wouldn't they cater to American gamers' needs first and foremost. They equaled Sony in console sales without Japan which tells me they don't need to ass kiss them this generation. If Sony didn't have Japan, MS would have outsold them by over 20 million consoles.

    3. MS smartly showcased COD and EA Sports because that is where the money is. If they consolidate those online franchises to be synonymous with Xbox One, they will no doubt attract more consumers. More consumers mean game developers of all game genres will be there in full force. The games will be there!

    4. And most importantly, MS revamped Xbox Live with more innovations than Sony only wished they could counter with. Instant menus, Live TV and using Kinect as it should be used. I can get instant functions by voice alone. I don't want a controller with new features (share button etc) because it has many limitations. I think that's why the Wii U has undersold. Nintendo is still thinking it's 2001. Most of us don't want just a games machine anymore. A games machine only still has the stigma of being for kids.

    So in conclusion...Xbox One is Day One for me....can't wait!
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