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    JinTypeNoir wrote:
    If Sony is smart, they will be continue to be coy about whether or not PlayStation 4 plays used games or is required to always be online right up to launch to make Microsoft think they are on the same page, and then voila! It plays used games just fine and is not required to go online at all.

    If Microsoft is smart they will rethink how much they really want to try this route and make some fundamental changes to how it works before launches.

    I suspect neither of them will be smart, but here's hoping.
    I don't think it matters either way. Being coy is really just another way of saying...being deceptive. It's all going to come out and gamers will buy what their friends are buying, ultimately. Same thing happened last gen with the backwards compatibility. After a year, no one cared. Sony & MS both sold over 70 million consoles.
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