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    I'm just going to translate a response of mine to a podcast talking about this announcement originally written in french (in case you didn't already figure this out from my signature):

    It's done by Google Translator, there could be some inconsistencies but you'll hopefully get the point :

    ROFL, the presentation was not that bad, you can imagine they swing all the beautiful pictures and leave nothing for E3? : Rire2: this is where we could really judge. : Ok: they clearly kept the big and heavy artillery in LA, I do not expect a lot to tell the truth, and nobody should have, and worse I found no problems with the name, the first Xbox was just .... "XBOX" bah eg me when I talk about it I'm just saying "The first XBOX" that will avoid any doubt, confusion and sense what is ultimately it does not pose too many problems.

    After the design ... I thought it was correct, elegant, m'fin when you put it next to the TV that is camouflaged perfectly lacquered black, consistency with the 360S ... it made me more in the end, and when it differs from some ridiculous designs which we were treated in the past as the first Xbox or PS2 it goes ... Moreover, the console has an HDMI input which will interact with the decoder (this is mostly a concern in the U.S. where the TV via IP does not really happening lately) and well it will through the data provides the interface cable to the XBOX in it, the idea behind them is to replace the hideous interfaces most decoders ... m'fin we'll see how it works.

    "Well after just seen that it is not prémordiable better to talk about that here at E3 I think"

    Yes, and this is clearly what Yusuf said if I remember correctly, people who had big expectations ... sorry but it was not good Conf for you, and this is what will ultimately allow us to rejoice for a more focused presentation on the aspect of "Games" on the console at E3 unlike last year where they still took their time to talk about SmartGlass and others.

    I do not know if the troll on the voice command is a troll in itself, but in fact, if the console opens with the command of a particular guy should normally not follow these commands ... I think after such a level of detail will require a long time to the console to reach and we want the French from the start MS. :)

    Wi-Fi is indeed a certain advantage over Bluetooth, but ... it has already been discussed, and apparently Kinect recognizes the person, joystick in hand, and this is where the backups could be chosen, and it has nothing to do with the cloud. (M'fin if you are offline, and our backups are there, I do not see the unable to load console), and from what I could understand it works a lot like Windows 8, it synchronizes with the cloud instead of keeping the data exclusively there.

    And it's not bad after all, keep up the good design of the handle, slightly change the way we interact with the hardware through Kinect, is ambitious to see if it works just as well they the and showed that Kinect is included and mandatory will ensure that the experience between different XBOX One will not be fragmented, suddenly we all benefit.

    And oh yeah, API development, Sony has opted for an approach more "open source" and less controlled, and the dev has the potential to radically alter the functioning of the tools to best suit their needs, Microsoft 's other side offers DirectX 11.1 (which functions somewhat similar to what is proposed in Japanese), but that is closed and control over resources which the dev has access ... must say that the developers are getting used on PC, and saw that the Windows Kernel is used, coupled with a x86 they will have much less trouble with this console at launch, suddenly the process will not be so different from a game that thrives on PC DX11.1, more closed, more controlled and more familiar or less formed, more open, different and a bit more complex? Time will tell which approach works best.

    Small note: WAS NOT AN EXCLUSIVE, they clearly said that only some of the content is exclusive ... and about the drive motor 3D/Physique IGNITE ... must say some here do not necessarily love games sports so it's TFW because of that, but I have found it impressive, though later it was admitted that it was the pre-computed (while the bastard EA Sports said it was the happened in the XBOX One), 4 times more calculations per second, ten times more depth and details of their actions ... so from what they said (and I considered perfectly legitimate saw the passage of FIFA 07 FIFA 08 was monstrous) it'll be a change, even a kind of revolution, and worse the great concern of AI is that it requires a lot of work to really get to a correct result, ESPECIALLY for open-world, we can still highlight qu'Irrational Games did an amazing (and hard) work to achieve AI Elizabeth making scripted and limited by the complexity and enormous work done at AI they had to make some sacrifices in terms of characters displayed on the screen for it to pass on console ... suddenly they controlled a lot of choices / appearances during the course, the coup dynamic AI that will react to the circumstances and conditions around ... it will require a lot of work and perfection and ultimately they can not do it with current technology.

    There's no differences (kinematic FIFA)? you kidding me? The effects of clothing, animations, specular light on the faces, enhanced with an amazing atmosphere stages and justly more realistic and more detailed grass on the ground, plus coupled with a new, more accurate physics engine and apparently motion capture which will be 10 times better animations led the current-gen? Well ... we do agree kinematics was prérendue, but it is more than likely to see a report like even better when the game arrives after that will not see the normal view, it would trigger as usual idle to see the multitude of polygons present who are supposed to make the game more immersive and more true to life fashion what, m'fin if they can achieve something close to the cinematic, I am a customer. And all the worse for recall of previous FIFA extracts (including the trailers) were derived from real-time, and players will confirm this by engaging the idle mode which will have a more detailed vision of the game as I just mentioned.

    Forza 5 ... I have not confirmed but I believe it was the in-game m'fin Forza 4 is already a dazzling game graphics level, it is by no means impossible to convince me that the kinematic shown from a real-time rendering, to do the little details, I disagree, although the difference is minimal, but it makes a difference, knowing that with the amount of memory they have they can make more items in large distances, and more with the passage gaming 1080p native I can tell you that this balance hellfire not even having a closer view of the car, increasing the resolution should make this kind of details more visible p'tits player, let's be honest, it still contributes to the photo-realistic aspect of the game, also they even say they're going to see the imperfections surely something exciting for lovers of the automobile look details, the largest in more stupid, m'fin ultimately it is the direction that the next-gen graphics more improved AI more smarter ... etc. it makes sense to What final.

    About Quantum Break they talked to influence the characters a bit like a TV series j'ché or not, not on the players if I understood so good ... I should watch reruns again to confirm, to see. : (

    Call Of Duty ... first they have not talked about a system of destruction, but of dynamic maps where anything can happen, so it's a little different from the Battlefield proposal, you talked about the graphics of COD, then certainly it may be less honest than Crysis PC at the time, but they are clearly aimed at 60FPS, as you say they had no choice but to offer more, at least the vegetation is more beautiful than in Assassin's Creed 3, and technical "pseudo-adaptive tessellation" goes counter polygons in a given object depending on the distance ... so it promises, and worse anyway they have plenty of time to optimize the engine and take advantage of the time as the next-gen arrives pTET they do something fairly honest with BF4 ...

    Finally, I would like (something you shouldn't know about), so I'm more interested in the MS excluded from the side, so I'm more for XBOX One for now, I expect it to be a bit cheaper in the meantime there will fun with multi-platform titles on PC, some will call me pTET Pro-M after this shit positive remarks made ... honestly I'm not, and I'm still considering buying a PS4, I would say that apart from the excluded is it that tempts me the most, it's just that I was not expecting much at this conference and I think well they keep the big announcements at E3 that will take place in LA not long ago that said, I expect (E3) to a halt in order to rule pTET for good on my purchase decision because it is rather vague for now ...

    Was a lot of things that were discussed during the conference, many more were made news around the XBOX One, I think I can lay an even longer block if I want to discuss everything, but I just decided nan to talk about my thoughts in relation to what was discussed in this issue, if you want to bounce it and ben is no problem.

    After seeing some p'tits flats by here and there, it does not surprise me, they are hot stamping, so here I did not expect better, and what has been achieved is already very well, thank you for this Gazette relaxing your company.

    Again, sorry for the long pad, but I like to react and bounce on what has been said, I'm all in stuff here ... and it excites me. : P)

    So there you go...

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