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    Dirtbox wrote:
    I was thinking about that and it could be used to stream renders for skyboxes in an onlive type way, but beyond that I'm stumped unless bandwidth is tripled and latency is sliced.
    Rather than video, I'd like to think that it'd be useful for streaming assets in, as opposed to waiting for a patch to download.

    A new chant or a kit in FIFA, radio announcement in GTA. Stuff like that.

    For offloading processing, then I'd like to think that in an openworld game, new NPC behaviours, interactions, and snippets of speech could be streamed in to the HDD/RAM, as opposed to having to download x Megabytes in a patch or mandatory DLC update every so often.

    Surely this is what'll happpen?

    All in all - it's bobbins, as it's not going to improve frame rates unless they really can reduce the load on the internals by streaming in a pre-rendered background or something. I'm pretty sure that this was happeining at some points in Killzone 4 and God of War III from the BD-ROM anyway.

    It's what Silpheed on the Mega CD did:

    The background appears to be an 'interactive' video streamed in from the CD.

    It'll be interesting to see what REALLY happens over the next 5 years.

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