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    This is a sad day. Not for me personally. I don't have a problem with a console that needs to call home. But I feel sorry for gamers in territories where broadband penetration is poor or prohibitively expensive. I guess the argument to be made there, is that the Xbox One will not be officially on sale there, therefore is not supported, but there is still a big chunk of gamers in the developing world that won't be able to game on Xbox One.

    I have been buying my brother in Uganda his consoles and games since SNES days. I buy him the console and he also gets my cast off games. Literally for the last 20 years, that has been the deal. But now? It's a real shame, the restrictions that are in place. Fingers crossed, Xbox has scored an own goal and PS4 will not be so draconian. But that can't be. Because that would make the PS4 by default the most desirable console this generation.
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