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    I seriously do not think what MS is doing is right with regards to game ownership, so I couldn't support them by buying their console. If I did I would be supporting this and saying that it is basically ok, when it absolutely isn't.

    When this generation is just a memory I want to be able to put the games I brought into my console and be able to play them. With the XBOne you wouldn't be able to do that when the server infrastructure isn't there anymore.

    When I pay money for something to purchase it, I don't want to rent it I want to own it, especially if I'm paying full retail price for it.

    I'm not an addict that'll accept and compromise to any draconian decision just to get a fix of Halo or whatever. It doesn't matter if you only buy new and don't sell games on, i.e. it doesn't affect me, because it does. You don't own the games you buy and that right has been taken away from you on XBone, and those terms of your ownership and use of that license can be changes at any point by Microsoft.

    I cannot understand why anyone would want to accept those terms just for Fortza, Halo or the controller or whatever, it's just crazy to give away your rights of ownership.

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