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    My point is that if the PC software monopoly was entirely by design they would be able to replicate the circumstances and environment.
    The Windows monopoly probably had more to do with a massive lack of ethics than luck. DOS was hustled from a 'friend', and the Windows GUI overlay was a bare faced Apple Mac rip off - which they built while pretending to work for them.
    Yeah, I watched that documentary about the early period, cowboys of silicon valley, something like that. Really interesting. Xerox labs wasn't it ?
    Yep, the GUI + mouse concept was all Xerox, but they didn't really understand what they had and let Apple in to use it as a basis for the Mac. While Apple were developing they contracted Microsoft to write some software for it, instead MS (who is literally just Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer at this point) totally ripped it off and sold it as a DOS overlay called Windows.

    You can call Steve Jobs what you want, but when Apple was in the toilet and Bill Gates meanwhile was the richest man in the world... if I was in Jobs shoes I'd probably be in prison.
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