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    @coolbritannia sadly it's the inclusion of kinect that has left me still not wanting an X1 as despite how much I want the console I don't want kinect more. Which (and I hate to admit this) leaves me feeling angry and bitter.if they'd found a way to include it while keep the cost down it wouldn't be so bad, if I could unplug it when I want to avoid accidently uploading pics of myself in a dressing gown then maybe it wouldn't be so. But it's always there, costing me 80 and making me conscious of how I'm dressed in my own home and for what? Making it so that dev know every user has one has it's advantages but they didn't have to make the system require it to plugged in and they could have subsidised it abit and then delayed the first price drop instead. So for now after over 9 years as a gold subscriber I'm out. After the release of Halo, a price drop and real world evidence that when you "sleep" kinect it stays asleep no matter what then I may be back.
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