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    Britesparc wrote:
    Progguitarist wrote:
    Lol some of these guys are a riot!

    "They meant to do this guys, seriously!".
    My wondering if it was, in some way, planned all along is based on:

    a) I'm sure (but not positive) they said things at E3 along the lines of "we haven't announced our plans for indie games yet" which always made me wonder if they would allow self-publishing

    b) Stuff like Unity and Win8 apps, which seemed to indicate some form of self-pub was there from the start

    c) My totally unsubstantiated theory that something this wide-ranging - turning every Xbox into a dev console - sounds like it's a hard thing to do on a whim and from a design point of view, had to be part of the makeup of the console from the beginning

    That's all. I might be wrong. Even if it's a last-minute u-turn, it's still good news, so I don't care whether it was planned or a reaction. I'm just pondering...

    Yep. A next gen version of XBLIG with links to Win8 apps was always on the cards. The only thing they're changing now is the way its presented because suddenly self-publishing became the new hotness.
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