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    @ronuds I'm interested in the tech as someone who has been using TV cards and media centres since Windows XP media centre edition. I have a PC under my TV with a BlackGold TV card in it which has dual digital HD tuners. Of course it acts as a gaming PC as well. I also bought PlayTV for the PS3, before the XB1 was revealed I really wanted an interface that was a mix between Steam Big Picture and Win 7 Media Centre.

    So there are my credentials...

    I have mixed feelings about the XBox implementation. It'll combine games and TV into one place but it does it by 'cheating' - rely on someone else to do the heavy lifting of actually making the TV signal and use voice in lieu of remote control to make it look revolutionary. It won't even record TV for you.

    I suspect eventually the machine will be able to grab TV 'signals' for itself via the web, whenever the World decides that it'll do that beyond specialised apps like iPlayer, so the HDMI in may just be a stopgap solution.

    My dream of a single box doing TV and games within a single UI remains elusive.
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