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    Baihu1983 wrote:
    @Progguitarist Err completely different. Every MS article now on EG has a dig even when it has nothing to do with backtracking or one of their unpopular decisions.

    Some of the articles sites have made have been pure troll bait and in EG's case they started the Sony kissing MS/Nintendo hating before the consoles had even been announced.

    Been using this site for a few years and I ended up signing up because I felt it was the best site for news. Sure they took the odd dig and MS,Sony and Nintendo but most the time it they put out good articles.
    Its gone a little stale recently which Is why I now us other sites for my news.
    If I wanted Gaf style articles I would just join Gaf.
    They reported what was happening/being announced and echoed what most of us thought. Any bias towards one manufacturer or another is mostly in the readers minds.
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