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    Isn't all this talk effectively ignoring the fact that the two consoles feature the _same_ hardware just with varying degrees of capacity? It's not likely that PS4 could handle larger levels (to pick one example cited above) simply by dint of it having more GPU grunt or faster RAM in certain circumstances.

    It can certainly make them look better, with an extra pass on visual fidelity, or move more smoothly with more grunt dedicated to pushing the same scene. But serious, step changes in experience of functionality seem unlikely.

    This isn't the same as the PS3's gimped memory architecture, for example, where many 360 games actually _could_ have provided larger levels or more enemies thanks to the unified flexible 512MB RAM pool whereas the PS3 was hard limited to 256MB.

    For PS4 vs. X1 we're just seeing largely equivalent hardware with variations in clock speed and unit count. Identical functionally, for all useful intents and purposes, as far as I can see?

    Most likely we're going to see a scenario where the X1 version of a game is running with settings on HIGH, the PS4 with settings on VERY HIGH and the PC on ULTRA if your machine has the cajones. But effectively the same game in all other regards across the platforms.

    Unless Kinect takes off. Or people do something magical with the DS4's swipey swipey thing.

    It'll be interesting to watch what happens. I'm excited to see which camp Digital Foundry are accused of having bias toward first. :)
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