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    moron wrote:
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    If marketing is so pointless, then why does every fucking business in the world use it???
    Because the majority of people have no any idea what are they buying. You would be surprised to know how many people buy 30.000$ car without even reading a couple of car magazines before. 95% would be around right number

    Just to give you an example, one american auto magazine made a test: they invited some usual people to test several D class cars, bumper to bumper. Toyota Corolla finished dead last, this is the best selling car in class for many years in US
    But people who can afford to drop 30k on a car don't need to read reviews.

    If it turns out to be not quite what they want, they'll ditch it and get another.

    And besides - if i ever had that sort of cash i'd be getting a Range Rover Sport. I absolutely don't care if the reviews say that that the rival is better - i want the Range Rover.

    That's what we're talking about - people spending their money on the product they want to buy, and not living their life through the power of maths.
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