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    Point. Missed.

    I mean it was full of what must have been either youngsters, or students, or people on the dole with no family life, who have nothing to do other than play all the games ever released. Oh, and also moan about other games, saying they've already seen that done in the last ten games they played to completion in the last week.

    Some of us only get the odd hour here and there. Some of us have jobs. Wives. Kids. Lives. Other interests. You know - all the stuff that gets in the way of playing games to the point of utter boredom.

    I can't wait for these machines. I'll not get as much time to play them as i'd like. Great games that i'd love to play will come and go as there won't be time for them. Games i think look great, but that i'll no doubt read on here how unoriginal and lacking they are. urmergerds it's only 17 hours long - i'll do that it a day lolz.

    But i love my Vita. It's a great machine. And i've enjoyed the build up this year. I'll love the release day of both machines this year. It'll make me feel like a kid at xmas again. That's priceless, and doesn't come around too often.

    I'll get a handful of games, and if i get an hour to play them most nights i'll be happy enough. I'll enjoy them.

    I'll also have a dabble on Kinect, and be more open to online multiplayer than i have been.

    It'll be fun.

    Meanwhile, you, moron, and the rest, can continue to post in a forum about something you deem to be obsolete.

    Because, well, i guess that must be fun to you too.
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