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    andijames wrote:
    Something that was mentioned back in the news section reporting on the new Microsoft console has got me thinking (dangerous i know..).

    If Microsoft decide to stick to using media to deliver games (which is more than likely as high internet speeds aren't nearly as highly available to everyone at the moment) then will they have a few options.

    1) Use blu-ray as a media. This would be interesting as they would have to pay a license fee to use the technology i believe and they have been rather vocal in the past about not disliking the format.

    2) A new 'cartridge' based media. Thinking back to the ole nintendo days but with modern technology. With USB sticks, SSD media coming into more viable pricing brackets would it be more likely that they could use this as a game based media? It would certainly help combat piracy (most likely use a proprietary format) and it would circumvent the need to pay a license fee. Plus less mechanical parts in the machine so maybe a lower build cost? Downside being that the media may be pricey (Turok 64 for 70 springs to mind!).

    Any thoughts on this? Could be interesting :)
    Wasn't it my comment on the news story about Nextbox that got you thinking?

    I do remember the N64 cartridges getting a little pricey! Bluray is what I now predict as do many above me in this thread.
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