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    humanchu wrote:
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    @humanchu -

    Terrible ideas.

    Why should everyone who has stuggled to this point have had to do so, when new players would just get the breeze through it?

    I'm level 40 now but I was decent from pretty much level 10 onwards, which takes no time to get to. The upgrades etc don't give you so much of an advantage that you'll get owned by players that are worse. If you're getting killed it's more likely down to skill more than the upgrades you both have.
    If it's only about skill let's see you not using your upgrades.
    Ok. Time and place? :p

    The fact is the only "upgrade" that makes any bit of real difference to the ground combat is the foregrip, and it's one of the first unlocks you get for the guns that have it.

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