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    @thedaveeyres - Not my experience then, I have two primary gripes with PS3 MP:

    1) The aiming just feels... sluggish. I feel like it is a chore to shoot people, even if you get the drop on them, which is kind of detrimental in a shooter. I don´t remember feeling like that in BFBC2... A lot of other people seem to have the same complaint, especially on PS3.

    EDIT: Someone on Reddit cooked up an illustration of this feeling:


    (from thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield3/comments/lp48d/weird_input_lagacceleration_aiming_issues_on_bf3/ )

    2) Some of the larger maps (the kind that I enjoy) feel... empty, and the balance between the number of vehicles and infantry feels off compared to a more console-centric design like BF1943 or BFBC2, especially on Firestorm, Caspian border, etc.. I hope that Karkand will fix that though, I loved those maps back in BF2...

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