#8192902, By honeypeachdev No offense, Just a game, Jail break Piggy !!!

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    This is the last jump.
    The Art of War says “Thirty-six gauge, it's politic to leave”.
    Wronged Piggy escaped from the chamber of secrets which means HE JUST BREAK THE PRISON.
    Oh, look at him! He looks a little ugly. Maybe you think he is not a good guy, but he believes “One good return deserves another”. Besides, he does not want to be made into ham or bacon on dinner table. He does not plan to sit still like other pigs waiting for attack from the angry birds.
    And I’d also like to say that Piggy did not steal eggs.

    Here comes a Piggy (Jail break Piggy)which provide high-definition image and new prop!
    Yes, It's a upgrades !


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