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    The Dark Knight

    Man oh man did I find this film boring. Ever watch one of those films and keep saying to yourself...it'll pick up in a minute...any minute...any moment now. Well that was The Dark Knight for me.

    Yes I'm well aware of Heath Ledgers performance and it was indeed an exceptional interpretation of The Joker...but it didn't alter the fact that I found the film staggeringly dull.

    I think its maybe a case of listening to and reading all of the hype that surrounded the film when it was released...then again perhaps not. I don't think it helps that every time I heard Christian Bale speak as the Batman I had to restrain myself from laughing out loud hysterically because he sounded so utterly ridiculous. In comparison to Heath Ledger's performance Christian Bale's came across as decidedly amateurish to me.

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