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    JoeGBallad wrote:
    Finally got it through from play.com

    Bugger the profiteers and opportunists; this game should be enjoyed by all RPG fans.

    I'm a few hours in and the world is starting to open up; it's lore and somewhat confusing terms are starting to make sense.

    It's fair to say I'm enjoying this game quite a bit!
    I agree with you on that it should all be enjoyed by RPG fans.
    I saw for 99.99 on Amazon once 0_O.

    I got my copy from Play.com as well yesterday(dispatched on the 20th) and I am really impressed so far,love the fact it got ported to the 3DS,means I can enjoy it even more and after playing OOT I can say this is getting enjoyable as well to play on a handheld.
    This my second mothership Tales game after Symphonia,looking forward to see how the storyline plays out.

    Really looking forward to when Graces come out as well(played the JPN demo =impressive and I am curious..)
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