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    mowgli wrote:
    I find it more the fact that you don't celebrate someone's death because it means nothing to them, but will no doubt mean a lot to the people they leave behind. And as they have done fuck all wrong it is common decency not to celebrate their sadness. She might have been a special kind of cunt but celebrating her death isn't going to show her how you feel - she's dead - but it will help compound the misery of the innocent people - family, friends etc.
    Wow, I was just about to post a very similar sentiment.

    I think it is a ridiculous notion to stop disliking someone because they are dead, but I still think it is distasteful to celebrate their death in an overt fashion; the only person you stand no chance of affecting is the person you profess to hate, and yet you could well upset another blameless innocent who is grieving.

    The exception to this rule would be the death of an oppressor which directly resulted in freedom, but I would argue that is more about celebrating the end of the oppression.
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