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    Blair was a lying arsehole but he absolutely wasn't a product of Thatcher. Blair invested heavily in public services, increased local authority spending, increased police and NHS funding and lowered VAT. These are opposite to the Thatcherite policies of the 80's and those being employed by Cameron and Cleggs coalition.

    Blair on the whole delivered progressive policies and Thatcherite policies are anything but.

    By invested you me wholeheartedly embraced the evil that is PFI?
    Yes Blair introduced market forces into the NHS but fell well short of privatisation. I'm not defending Blair, I'm just saying any comparison with Thatcher is without foundation.
    His government did do fairly disastrous things to the NHS though, like completely fucking up GP contracts so they got paid way more for doing way less and saddling many trusts with crippling debt through the aforementioned PFI.
    Yes and the 10bn wasted on the connecting for health project but he still invested if not wisely, Thatcher wouldn't have. As I said I'm not praising Blair but he was not at all a product of Thatcher.

    Also changes to GP Contract were designed to encourage GP's to be more proactive when managing healthcare and disease, little did Blair know that the introduction of QOF points gave GP's a massive payday. I think on average they got something like 50% pay rise.

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