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    Restart wrote:
    Playing part of a 51 second song? What's the blood point in that? They should be playing it in its entirety. They don't have to make a performance of it, explaining why it's in the charts. Just play the damn song without any fanfare then move on to the next one.

    Instead, they are playing the censor no doubt pressured into it by the Tories & now we are going to get into a situation where people are going to protest the fact that their protest won't be heard, and we will end up with even more chaos and resentment.
    Just been a Tory MP on the news saying that she'd be disgusted if the song weren't played. Of course we don't know what she'd want, but unless he's deviating massively from the party line there's no pressure coming from the Conservatives, so maybe best not to jump to conclusions.
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