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    AgeOfChaos wrote:
    There is record youth unemployment. Some of these kids are working for free in bloody Pound Stretcher. You are saying that they would rather do this than get a job "that is beneath them"?
    Well for starters the youth unemployment figures are slightly dubious, the large jump has come from the differences in the way the previous government counted those that were unemployed and the way this government does. Bit of a PR fail for the Tories there, but at least we have a more "accurate" figure now.

    I think that the "working in pound shop for free" thing has a lot to do with area and there are definite low-skilled jobs blackspots where it can be very difficult to get a job, if you compound that with the fact that it seems like British young people seem less and less inclined to move around for work I can see why youth unemployment is so high.
    Whereas migrants have already, uh migrated, and are much more willing to go wherever jobs are as well as do very low level/unskilled work/

    I grew up in a depressed seaside town, of which there are no jobs, however two towns over a new shopping center opened up but no one who lived in my town even applied "oh would take me 45 minutes on a bus, not worth it", well it takes me nearly 2 hours to get across freaking London everyday, but I do it because I want to be employed!

    In addition, the level of education amongst our young people is very patchy, have a look at this as an example - http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard-olympics/article-23983067-bosses-shocked-by-hundreds-of-games-staff-who-cannot-read-or-write.do

    Hundreds of staff at the huge new Olympic shopping mall had to be taught to read and write after bosses found they could not even fill in basic forms.

    It's no wonder why migrants who are obviously motivated enough to move to this country, take low paid work, and learn another language, would be seen as a more favorable employee than some of the British youth who are currently job seeking.

    No one takes any jerbs, the best candidates get them. If that's not you, then you need to do whatever it takes to make it you, education, move, haircut, whatever.
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