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    What evidence do you have, that the working for free scenario has only occurred in certain areas?

    Yes, economic factors are the cause of the scarcity of job availability. My point is that the more people in this country looking for work, the worse its going to get. And the benefits system is at breaking point.

    The youth unemployment figures are tragic, and I cant see it improving for some time. These youngsters are not all lazy with a bad attitude. A haircut will not solve their problem im afraid. Many of them have a good education, with good degree's and just want to work.

    I merely suggest that we need to tighten up a tad the number of people coming into the country during these extraordinary times we're living in.

    I am lucky enough to have a good job. You wouldnt believe the number of applications we get for the most basic positions where I work. We have to turn down some fine applicants without so much as an interview, due to the sheer volume.
    What evidence do you have that the working for free at poundland thing is even true?
    The only reference I could find for it suggested that poundland only take people for mandatory work experience and during that time the people still received their benefits, so it was hardly unpaid.

    We work in partnership with JobCentre Plus and other government-funded organisations to implement a comprehensive Work Placement Programme designed to provide on the job training for those looking to retail as a career opportunity, the statement said. A placement lasts for four to six weeks, and during this time jobseekers continue to receive benefits.

    This suggests to me it's much more like giving some retail experience to low skilled workers to make them more attractive in the job market, whilst they received benefits, which seemed like a good way of getting unemployed people used to the work place again.

    I work in one of the most unsubscribed industries in the world, and we're inundated with CVs, but we still have to go abroad for specific skill sets and a lot of that has to do with the quality of education people are receiving in this country, the number of people graduating with computer science degrees that fail our really simple coding test is absolutely shocking. In fact I'd say 8/10 of the grads we get fail to make it past the "Can you code at all?" pre-interview screen basically making them unemployable in their chosen field.
    Likewise the number of graduate artists we get with really shockingly bad portfolios is really high, the "jack of all trades" degrees like "Multimedia Art" or some of the game specific degrees seems to be total junk but the attitude of many of these grads is "I have my degree, give me a job" rather than

    I recently ran a grad job fair for my company, I spoke to about 150 people, about 5 of these people had CVs with them, there was an open bar and people were drunk by 12pm and incoherent when talking to me. About 2 people had actually researched the companies that were going to be there. Nearly everyone I spoke to asked for freebies, none of them asked me any questions about the technology or working environment.

    We came away really disappointed at the quality of what should have been bright young grads.

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