#8219576, By elhozzo advice - ps3 disk full, replacement ps3 purchase?

  • elhozzo 1 Dec 2011 14:50:06 435 posts
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    Hi, looking for some help
    I have had, for 3 years, a Ps3 80GB (Fat!)
    now, the HDD is pretty full, I had to delete some games etc (not how I envision a console, having to install 20 mins before playing).
    Now, with the prices of Ps3 coming down, I'm thinking to buy a new one, a 320GB slim. Makes sense to me rather than buy a seperate HDD and install (around 50 quid) because I can get a bundle, and getting a controller (35 quid), having a backup/second system for upstairs etc.
    I guess if I get one, I can plug the ethernet and copy across everything right? think that was quite a new feature - but takes a long time (a day?). I could delete stuff off the 80GB I guess to make it quicker (would it?) - I want the 'save games' copied, i could reinstall games files from disk .. although I heard problems , like original Motorstorm, where the online servers are closed and the DLC isn't installable anymore.
    Or I could use Playstation Plus (not paid for that yet) to save the games in the cloud
    or use a USB stick (FAT32 or N .. something or other, I don't really get that, have not managed it .. would be good because I guess thats the way to get music/mp3's onto my ps3)

    any ideas ?
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