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    You joke but you should have seen his post in the GOTY thread. Everyone elses posts were balanced, based on the whole multi format breadth of gaming. King26 just listed a load of PS3 exclusives. Single format bias FTL
    Sometimes you've just got to laugh, people are sad enough to be outraged that I enjoyed games available on a system I own, no I no longer own a 360 therefore I'm not going to rave about their exclusives am I? Though I did play Gears 3 which was certainly a shame and Forza 4 which was excellent. Can't remember the post but I'm sure I put in Skyrim. Seriously though grow up.
    Anyway can anyone answer my original question regarding where Battlefield 3 online stands against Bad Company 2.
    Your self-inflicted PS3 bias is missing the point. The best games on the PS3 (or the 360) aren't necessarily the exclusive ones but your comments always hype PS3 exclusives over all else. Without the multi-console games, the PS3 & 360 are average, at best.
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