#8244926, By atomised zelda...please don't be motion controlled...

  • atomised 10 Dec 2011 10:03:11 5 posts
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    i dunno. i've had the wii since day one and hardly played it because motion controls were so annoying. i have avoided the kinect like a bad viral flu and sometimes i've had to stop the compulsion to purchase a move just because it's there...and then comes a new zelda.
    it's an old rant but motion controls suck. i really love the zelda games...but the first bird flight and the bit where i have to waggle my way to the ground: driving me crazy, crazy due to control and not being crap at games!
    i just wanna enjoy a great game with a sense of precision, comfort and most of all enjoy the experience. at least give me the option to turn the freaking crap off. and i fall for the reviews saying 'oh the motion control is so great blah blah'...no they are not, they are flat out annoying.
    is it just me? am i a stick in the mud? nintendo make some great games but am i the only one who finds the wii control not the graphics are the biggest hurdle to enjoying what is in probability a fantastic game? and knowing the move + kinect are adding more balls to more games is just depressing...
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