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    You know I was going to disagree with you at first, but I think you have a point actually. It doesn't bother me in general play - even in combat, I don't mind grabbing something if it's close by - but the problem for me was when you had a character waiting for you to advance the story.

    The way I made up for it in my head would be something that could have been put into the game quite easily though. All you need are a few lines of dialogue, and maybe a few animations.

    Ellie waiting at a door while you go off scrounging? You hear Ellie shout "C'mon Joel! Human race to save!" to which Joel replies

    "Hold your horses girl... a moment now could save our lives later!" Or whatever. You wouldn't need it all the time, you just need to establish the idea that the other characters know what you're doing and why. Most of the time Ellie could just hum that little tune.

    If you're sneaking past clickers and you stop to gather, she could hiss at you, or gesture furiously. You get out the other side and its "What the fuck were you playing at?"

    I suppose the more polished and sophisticated these games get, the more jarring the little things become.
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