#9276714, By PhoenixFlames My mate seems to think that 'all men use moisturising products'. Do you?

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    Fixxxer wrote:
    SpaceMonkey77 wrote:
    Let me tell you something. Do not fear male grooming. Anything worth maintaining needs work. It is not beneath you.

    Personally, I've always moisturized. As a person of colour, many of us learn to do so from an early age, in order to maintain our skin.

    If you are a pastey white skin dude, there's less need for you to do this, unless you are sun bathing. Saying that, applying lotions, oils and such only enhance your skins, making it better for the years ahead.
    You've got it backwards. "Black doesn't crack", it's the pasty white skin that shows the wrinkles.

    Source: the two old dudes on Eastenders

    Source: all black dudes.
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