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    Some years ago I had a PC that I ran with XP and a 360 wired controller and played games like Mafia and CoD3. At that time, while graphically it was pretty, using the controller was a pain and I longed for a simple, plug and play type set up.

    So, what I'm getting at, in 2011, are modern games (and or Win 7) finally happy to take a controller like the 360 one and let me just plug it in? Can I just install a game, pick up the controller and just get on with it? Will FPS games refuse the notion of a controller for a keyboard and mouse every time?

    If I bought say Skyrim, could I just plug and play a controller without having to buttons and monkeying around with dead centres, and just enjoy the gfx ruling over my PS3?

    Basically, can I take advantage of the awesome bump in graphics the PC provides while still using it more or less the same as a console, or will it still made me its bitch for the payoff?


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