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    Tonka wrote:
    @freddymercurystwin there are multiple ways of doing it. But the most common would be to do as you say and tip it all out. Half the fun is to hunt for bricks. Excellent set BTW. I'm really jealous...
    Problem solved (for the time being) I've started this beasty instead: http://search2.lego.com/?q=unimog&lang=2057&cc=UK which has numbered bags. Why/how people do this in 8-9 hours is a bit beyond me atm as most reviews seem to suggest? To me the pleasure comes from building it so why you would want to do it as fast as possible is a bit beyond me. Guess its cos I'm an old fart.

    No idea what I'll do with it when its built, my 3 year old will just wreck it so I'll have to keep it out of sight anyway.

    Do others build as fast as possible or savour the whole process?
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