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    @darkmorgado I hate to bring up GW2 again, but that game also manages to get by without a subscription (although in fairness, being a much more popular game probably lets them get away with this) and all of the content updates for it have been completely free and they haven't exactly been minor. There's even bigger "expansion sized" updates coming in January and February, without cost.

    GW2 will obviously do proper, big, paid expansions eventually as well, but the problem with charging for these smaller game updates that they're doing with TSW is that it divides the player base. You can very easily find yourself in a group/guild playing through content, only for half of the players to hit a brick wall when you start up a quest/go to an area that they haven't bought.

    It's a decent alternative to a subscription that I can at least appreciate, but it's still not exactly ideal.
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