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    If there's a thread for this sort of thing, I apologise but it didn't jump out and facerape me so i didn't see it.

    Having lurked these here parts for an age, I recall there's a fair few EGers who occasionally cobble together a series of notes with approximate rhythmic clatterings in the name of 'music'. I am one such of these people and thought it being the season of giving, I would inflict some of my music on you lot in the hope of damning praise and other forumites to pop up some of theirs too.

    So, drums please....

    British Airwaves - Yankee Victor

    I have a fair bit of old Roland and Yamaha analogue kit, and this is the rough fruits of my labour so far since I rebuilt it all. It's techno, it's dancey, it's very rough but you know, it ain't bad.

    Anyone else?
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