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    I really don't know what to make of this after finishing it last night. I found the setting an interesting one but for me it just doesn't work that well with the game mechanics compared with the previous games. I mean running around the 2nd one was a joy on rooftops etc but in this one I just found the city's baron.

    Haytham and Connor are two of the most mundane leads for a game that I can remember and I by the end I just wanted to assassinate them myself and not one other character stuck out for me which is a bad sign.

    A lot of the side stuff is pretty pointless ie fetch that or kill that etc and add nothing to the overall game - less said about hunting the better.

    However, I did enjoy the fighting (if a little simplistic) and the Naval sections are an absolute joy and something that really should become a standalone game (even if they feel a bit odd for this game).

    Also, the game never really makes you feel like a lethal assassin as the game seems hell bent on making sure you fight in open spaces in front of the whole population, or with some awful on the rails section.

    One last thing - fuck off with million and one cut scenes.
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