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    To justify it some, the assassinations in the past games have never been pure stealth missions at night and I believe that is the intention. I remember it being mentioned before that the creed wants these assassinations to be open, of using the crowd to blend in and then carry out the assassination in public in order to send a message. Maybe. I'd have to check.

    I like the game, it just feels like 15 hrs in I feel like the tutorial section is over and the game is really revealing itself. One thing that kinda sticks out at me is Connor's "training". Granted this is a wider issue that doesn't just apply to AC3, but let me describe it anyway,

    To me, if you're training to be an assassin, you are going to be taught how to perform the art of assassination and even in combat. So Connor heads out to this assassin mentor to be trained, to learn. However the story dictates that before then Connor has to defend himself against a bunch of guards. But honestly, it looked like he didn't need to be trained at all. If you are somewhat decent with the combat at this point then you can kill those guards with all the grace of a master assassin already and Connor shows no remorse at killing another human or being in that situation for the first time. I think he doesn't need training.

    Like I said, it is a wider issue, AC2 was worse. At least with Connor there is some justification in that he is an experienced huntsman at that age with the physique of someone living in the wilderness. Ezio was a city playboy who never had to defend for his life before, and now he kills multiple guards in sword combat. Same with Far Cry 3, rich city kid can aim guns at guards with perfect precision, killing without remorse.

    It's a weird issue of when gameplay doesn't match the narrative and it happens frequently in origin stories. If it was me, I would just have Connor be completely defenseless in that situation. He should have the crap kicked out of him or be gravely wounded, make that be part of his character development. Make the missions afterwards teach Connor (and you) about combat and how the mechanics work. I think it would be more empowering to start off like that and then reach a point in the game where you feel untouchable after learning and practicing for a while.

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