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    I just bought this on the recent Steam sale and have some thoughts. I absolutely loved the opening to the game, the twist really caught me off guard, even if in hindsight it should have been pretty obvious. Really well played.

    But what's the deal with all of the British.. being evil? It's established in the earlier games that there's very little record of Assassins during this time or in the US in general, because the Templars essentially won and have the upper hand. So how does it make sense for the "Templar backed" British to go on to lose the war? Would it not have made more sense for the Templars to have been with the American revolutionaries, trying to "free" the country from the British and the Assassins, both who go on to lose and were driven out of the country?

    I have trouble understanding how any of this can make sense, especially as the original game blatantly told us that George Washington was a Templar. Has this just been retconned?

    I don't mean to start up any kind of silly national pride debates, but I do hope there's some good answers for this points later in the game and that they didn't just carefully create a plot in which they wouldn't anger people from a certain country that tend to get a lot more upset about this sort of thing.
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