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    Started playing this because of it being free on PSN.

    It's so shit on so many levels I don't know where to begin. It looks nice though apart from the facial animation and wooden virtual 'acting'.

    I hope they're still waterboarding the genius that came up with the sci-fi storyline for the AC games and that present day cast of characters. Utterly hateful. That idea has completely ruined a potentially classic game series, and has ruined immersion across all of the AC games. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. To top it off Desmond must be one of the worst scripted, worst designed and most unlikeable character in modern game history. His visual design also doesn't work at all with Nolan Norths' voice.

    So AC II remains the only one in the series that I enjoyed. Ezio was at least somewhat interesting and I could mentally block out everything having to do with Desmond Miles.

    The AC series will always spell out 'so much missed potential' for me. Ubisoft should have had the guts after the first AC to recognize everybody hated the present day stuff and just made an interesting series of historical games.

    Black Flag for instance looks like it could have been a gorgeous, fun pirate game but I'm pretty sure it will be ruined by the Assassins story line inclusion. For one I'm sure Edward Kenway would have looked a lot better if he could just look like a pirate.

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