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    Wow. Landed UFO mission, and I'm a bit down on fit troopers to send so I make my 5th guy a Rookie. We move in, do over a couple of Sectoids and Floaters, after which I decide to push towards the UFO. Turns out I was a bit too cocky, and my guys end up exposed on the right flank to a group of Thin Men that suddenly appeared. SO I have to manoeuvre my squad in order to keep our left, UFO entrance facing flank, in check in case some more pop out that way. Meanwhile the Thin Men are better positioned, starting to spit on my guys resulting a lot of panicking XCOM troopers. At one point only my Rookie is in the game. I feel everything falling apart, and a total wipe looks on the cards.

    Then it happens. One of my experienced guys panics, reaction fires a newly revealed Sectoid in the head, killing it dead, freeing up the field for my Rookie to get round the Thin Men, taking them out one by one. My squad rallies (everyone bar the Rookie) was injured, we finally manage to defeat the aliens and grab an intact UFO. Went from total despair to jubilant triumph WITH ONE FUCKING PANIC SHOT! :) I love it!
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