#9076845, By StevilKnevil XCOM: Enemy Unknown

  • StevilKnevil 12 Oct 2012 17:23:17 310 posts
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    Well I'm still on my original playthrough I started yesterday afternoon.
    Everythings starting to go downhill due to me not building enough satellites early enough though. Panic levels are going through the roof, I think the end times are near.

    Had some good missions today though, only lost 1 soldier in around 5 missions, got a couple of tanks now to help out and one of my chaps, LT Apone is a dab shot with his sniper rifle and has amassed 27 kills so far (I'm now scared to use him in case he dies!!).

    Congrats to Firaxis on a job well done.

    tl;dr It's proper good this!
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