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    Tonight started off fantastically. Slowly moving through the woods, when three Mutons come in to view. They all scrambled in three different directions. Two staying to fight and one scampering out of sight, back in to the UFO they were guarding. A fire fight ensues that lasts three or four turns before I can best my two opponents. Since he shot back inside however, I've seen sight nor sound of the coward Muton. I decide I'm going to storm the front entrance, so take a couple of turns to get everyone in to position. I cover it with an Soldier on each side of the door and three in an arc like formation facing it. My Sniper was covering from higher ground, a little further back. I placed everyone on Overwatch. End Turn. Next thing I know, BOOM! Coward Muton comes storming out of the door and every single one of my Soldiers stands up and pummels the fucker to death with a mixture of plasma, laser and bullets. OORAH! I had the biggest grin on my face!

    Unfortunately, that joy hasn't lasted though as I've just lost Support Class, Major Daniel Jackson, my main healer and Sniper Class, Captain Cameron Mitchell. Both were killed in unfortunate circumstances, consisting of an ambush by 4 Mutons and 1 Berserker all of whom were crammed in to a side room on the UFO we were raiding. Daniel Jackson met a particularly grizzly end the hands of the Berserker, who we actually managed to capture alive. Cameron Mitchell was was willingly sacrificed, as for some reason I have a shed load of Snipers.

    Fantastic game!
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