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    Must remember not to let people "who just like explosions" to be heavies.

    I decided to send my colonel heavy in for psi training after an abduction mission as I had a back up captain level heavy who I had gotten as a mission reward some time back and only used once.

    After only firing twice (and missing) during the whole assault on the landed large UFO there was a pack of three mutons close together and in cover whilst on overwatch (as my support major had just found to his peril getting critically wounded while trying to find them) I thought a rocket would be the answer, it was then that I experienced how painful misses can be as he pivoted 60 degrees to the right and fired said rocket at three of my own guys ... while my main support guy was down and the squaddie support only had one use on his medpack which I needed to stabalise the other support character. Needless to say he hasn't stepped foot in the skyranger again.

    The worst part was that the previous mission my main heavy guy killed 3 sectoids and 3 mutons with one rocket due to some conveniently placed cars and made me think about using rockets more often, which I tend to avoid doing to stop the scientist lady shouting at me.
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