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    neilqpr wrote:
    Second one was a ufo site, again I spread out as I had done all weekend trying to flush out the little bastards. Second turn I was charged by three mutons for the first on a UFO mission, straight down the middle. My overwatch missed, all their shots hit. I rallied and made it out with only one rookie down by the end.
    Spreading your guys out is a terrible plan. Keep them together, set off the monster closets one at a time and use the fact that you frequently grossly outnumber the enemy to gun them down.

    I got through about the last three months of the game, once I'd gotten Titan Suits for everyone, with not only no losses but only one mission ending with hospitalisations because I just advanced carefully and overwhelmed small numbers at a time with plasma fire.

    The one mission that did get hairy was a battleship assault, where one room had eight mutons, four berserkers and a sectopod (though I never had more than about 6 active at a time I kept triggering spawns as I spread out to avoid grenades). And all my guys still walked away, though my Assault did need to be revived (and he probably wouldn't if I hadn't gotten careless and been winged in an earlier part of the mission leaving him a bit more vulnerable).
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