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    Encountered my first mutons tonight which also happened to be the first time my squad was deployed with arc throwers.

    2 Mutons coming in alongside 3 floaters - my sniper Vampire pulled off a headshot that dropped one muton like a sack of potatoes while the 2 assaults stunned 2 floaters and the heavy took care of the third. Sniper 2 missed and the medic hunkered down. The second muton took a rocket to the head followed by a quick stun and sweep of the area to clear up, which also bagged 2 thin men for capture. Not got a sectoid in yet though.

    Got the Satellite Nexus researched and my primary squad decked out in Carapace armour, though funds are running a bit low as it's getting to the end of the month. Panic in Mexico is still a concern and Down Under is going to be a problem after the next mission so it's getting to be a real balancing act now. I suspect it may be time to research improved interceptors once the beam weapons are completed.

    Enjoyed the game way more than I did in Apocalypse, XCOM needs somewhat more thought as a lot of the old strategies simply don't cut it this time around.
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