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    Ironlungs76 wrote:
    @AccidentProne - cheers :)

    Watched a Let's Play on it briefly and the research and building options you have in your base seemed very Civ-esque which sounds super.

    Definitely going to have to pick up a copy now!
    The research is kinda like Civ but the difference is, Civ has a set research tree that you can choose your route down. In XCOM, the research is defined by your mission success, so for example, if you bring home dead Sectoids, your Scientists can autopsy a dead Sectoid as their next project. In the same mission, if you managed to stun one and brought him home alive and also dead ones, the Scientists would have two available projects, one to interrogate the live one and the other to autopsy a dead one. Those projects then can spawn their own research and / or Engineering projects as well.

    In regards to random maps, it's really not as bad as you're expecting at all. You could go from a pizza restaurant siege in the middle of a city to a farm covered in dead cows and from there to a rain soaked underpass with water flowing past your ankles. It does randomly generate your missions but unlike many other games using the same technique, it does it very well.
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