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    Boki wrote:
    I'm quite far in the game but I only just decided to try out the SHIV. I built a cheap one, was pretty cool, but a little low on hp for the types of enemies I'm fighting now, then I built an alloy one. Deployed it, and it had no weapons. All I could do was move around, didn't have any other actions on it. Did I screw something up? Everything is greyed out in the unit screen (except for dismantle).
    It wasn't a complete waste because at least it soaked up fire from the disc and mutons in the front line, while I flanked, but still... I think I researched everything so not sure why it had no weapons.
    Had a very similar bug to this on my first game. I had an alloy SHIV that was damaged on a mission and then repaired completely refuse to move when taken out on a terror mission. Everything was fine until I set the move order for it but upon pressing A to confirm it just made a weird clicking noise and locked the game up, I couldn't even switch between units or end turn and ended up having to quit to the dash. I tried reloading the save several times-no joy. So ignored the mission and waited for another only for the same thing to happen, the shoot icon was greyed out as above.

    Anyway it seems to be a problem related to the SHIV repairs not working or not being registered properly by the game, according to the interweb anyway. Patch please?

    I'm a bit worried about constructing any more now (moneys tight).
    I loved my lovely alloy SHIV I did, it was almost like he suffered some kind of Shell Shock :-(
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