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    This is indeed the gaming equivalent of crack. Had a few great missions yesterday, including a night mission in the rain (I didn't know Leeds had American-style white/black police cars, especially since my tutorial mission in Germany had the older yet proper white/green ones ;) ) and my first Muton encounter. It nearly ended in disaster if it weren't for my laser assaults and sniper.

    The Chrysallids are for me a bit of a disappointment. Not that they aren't scary - six-legged, lightning-fast killing machines are definitely scary - but I do miss the original walking crab design. That and the animation of hit zombies shedding their human skin* to reveal the creature underneath.

    SlackMaster wrote:
    I just really hope that they sell enough to encourage them to remake XCOM: Terror from the Deep.
    This plus 1000. TFTD was rock-hard, especially the initial unpatched version which tended to hang on linked missions and had some irritating research bugs. Still, it was even more tense and terrifying than the original UFO. I'd love to see what Firaxis would do to Lobstermen and Deep Ones.

    * Like a suit. An Edgar suit.

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