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    Got my 3rd terror mission last night and it was the first one in which I managed to get 3 excellent ratings, largely due to the fact the civvies and aliens were all near the start of the map and bunched up so I could get straight in.

    Had some issues with the first go on it, the save file corrupted and I had to restart.

    Following that, the panic across the globe is now at 1 notch, bar 3 countries. I'm still not sure I like the way panic levels work, as it seems to force you down trying to complete the game as quickly as possible and at the same time having to sacrafice a lot early on in favour of getting your uplinks etc built. What I'd like to have seen is the ability to construct more Skyrangers as XCOM gets established so you can respond to more incidents and at the same time train up more troops.

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