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    Had my first experience with bugs on the 360 at the weekend. during an escort mission, on the way back to the skyranger. the thin men all dropped onto the map. I could see one of them had dropped onto the top of a truck. I had 2 guys with line of sight, and neither of them could see him, so my support colonel bought it as a result. Doing a very difficult terror mission (5 chrysalids, 6 heavy floaters, and mutons with bezerkers.) I had two game breaking bugs which made me so angry i had to stop playing. first was my sniper. Finished the turn by reloading his sniper rifle, only for it to be empty at the start of my next turn, causing him to be murdered. his death meant that 2 of my other dudes where killed (as he would have had in the zone, and a full clip with a plasma sniper rifle.) my remaining guys where then taken out by floaters on a second floor with no line of sight at all. no windows, no doors, just straight through the wall. this also happened with the civilians. Luckily I am playing it on classic non iron man, so will give it another shot, but i will be saving my next play through until a patch is released. I cannot be playing c/i with bugs like this.
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